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Activate Customers delivers hyper-relevant,
high probability leads to help you win more business.

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How Does it Work? Activate analyzes customer, sales, market and other key information to identify impending customer needs. When those opportunities occur it triggers notifications to be sent to your sales team, channel partners and marketing department for a prescribed follow up action. The solution is uniquely designed around three core principles that work together to deliver sales results for you:

Principle One
Principle One
"Trigger Events"

Trigger Events initiate the generation of sales leads. Trigger Events are customer events that occur and patterns we observe in customers’ behavior that represent selling opportunities.

Principle Two
Principle Two

Offers are attached to Trigger Events to form sales leads that are routed in real-time to a sales representative for follow up.

Principle Three
Principle Three

The Activate Customers platform informs the sales rep of who to call and why, as well as what to offer. We only ask that the sales rep, jot down the “Outcome” and let us know how things go.

Activate Customers identifies impending customer needs to deliver sales results.


Activate Customers on iPad
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Delivered to you anywhere, anytime, on any device through our software as a service platform.

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Role-based functionality so each individual within your organization only gets what they need and not what they don't.

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Flexible Workflow

We work how you work! Fully configurable workflow to fit your selling model.

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Action Oriented

Our "What's Important Now" design principle takes users to the most important thing they need to do right now in order to drive sales.

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While we remain strongly rooted in our analytical and strategic planning capabilities, we also complete the full program lifecycle for our clients. You can count on us for rigorous market analysis, financially grounded strategic plans, and the “outsiders” perspective; and we will help you bring these plans to life in the real world.

In a market place filled with point solutions and one-off services it is critical that you have a business partner who can help you connect all the dots and will stick around to measure performance. See how we can help you establish a clear path to bring increasing value to your customers and achieve long term financial prosperity.

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